Sun Properties offers a referral bonus when a real estate agent or broker refers us a property owner for property management.  We work hard to maintain excellent customer service to meet your client's expectations, while properly rewarding you with a referral.  

How does the program work?

Sun Properties agrees to pay the referring agent’s brokerage a one-time fee of $300 or 10% of the first month's rent (whichever is greater). 

What we offer our clients:

  • Monthly Statements to owners (Invoices/Receipts included)

All owners receive a detailed monthly statement for their records

  • GET/TAT/1099 Service

For an extra charge, we offer tax services

  • Service Repairs

We have a range of trusted tradespeople who provide quality work.  We always strive to get the best people for the most reasonable price

  • Cleaning Service

Our cleaning people provide quality, full-service cleaning for our vacation rentals as well as move-in, move-out cleans​

  • Auto Payment for tenants

We offer auto-pay for tenants to ensure owners are paid as soon as possible

  • Quarterly Inspections 

We inspect our units quarterly to ensure any problems are identified

  • Contractor Referrals

If a client wishes to have work done, or any updates done to their unit, we have trusted contractors we work with.  We can help our clients achieve the results they want


  • 24hr phone for Emergency Repairs

We have a 24hr Emergency line incase emergency repairs such as plumbing issues are needed.

When are the referral fees paid?

This fee will be paid to the referring agent’s brokerage once the property is rented and under a current management agreement.​

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