Expert Property and Estate Management on Oahu 


We  Maximise the Profitability of your Time and Money.


 We Provide a Strong Foundation for a Successful Rental Investment.

What we Do

Find you qualified tenants using the best available marketing.  We use current Hawaii Board of Realtors lease agreements and create specialized addendums to ensure the safety of your investment.  All contracts are completed online and available for you to review and for your filing.

Manage your property from A to Z for a monthly fixed fee. All administration and accounting is done in-house and you have 24/7 access to your property's financials through our owner portal.

We protect your investment with a team of first class maintenance and repairs contractors, who offer highly competitive prices and a higher level of service. Our company has maintained great relationships with some of the best contractors on Oahu.  We are transparent therefore we upload you a copy of the invoice to your owner portal. We even offer expert Project Management should you decide to remodel your property.  

Landlord legislation and Landlord - Tenant code continually changes. We keep up to date therefore reducing your risk.  We take the necessary steps to protect your asset.  

What we Don't Do

Add surcharges for arranging repairs and maintenance.  We see the repair through from start to finish.

Receive any "secret commissions" from our Suppliers, Handymen or Contractors for arranging or providing a service.  We aim to get you the best price possible.

Charge additional fees for inspections, drawing up contracts, listing or having photos and videos of your property taken

Approve any major work or repairs (unless Emergency) to your unit without your consent.